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Rietstap's Armorial General

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Riestap's Armorial General is a huge collection of family crests gathered from numerous smaller armorials and all put in one multi volume armorial. There are 120,000 or so European names listed ( 120,000 European coats of arms: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Spain, England, Italy. along with a description of each names family crest. Sometimes you will also find the nationality of the owner, his title, if any, and the date of the grant. You probably don't really care about anything else.

Illustrations to the Armorial General were created and published by V. and H. V. Rolland in a 3 volume set titled: Rolland, V. and H. V. ILLUSTRATIONS TO THE ARMORIAL GENERAL by J. B. Rietstap

 A colored version was eventually created. 

This is a good place to start looking for a family crest for your name. And there are a few places you can find Rietstap"s Armorial General on the web.

This first one is provided by and offers all the Coats of Arms from Rietstap's Armorial in full color:

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The second place I found is 

You can use this website to find the blazon or heraldic description of each coat of arms listed in Rietstap in both English and French.

So there you have it. You can check Rietstap and the illustrations from Rolland to see if there is a coat of arms associated with your name, or anyone's name for that matter. You can also use it to check the accuracy of a family crest you might purchase from a commercial vendor.

By the way, both Rietstap's Armorial General and Rolland's Illustrations are found in many public libraries.