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Google Tips - Family Crest Search or Coat of Arms Search

You can use Google to search fo your family crest or coat of arms. Here's a few tips to get you started. You might be surprised what you will find.

Use Google Images

You will be suprised what Google's image search can turn up for you.

Go to and enter "google images" into the search box. The first item it returns from it's search is the link to Google Images.

Click on the Google Images link and you will be taken to the Google images search page.

Enter the name you are looking for followed by "coat of arms". For instance, if you are looking for a coat of arms for the surname Rogers, enter "rogers coat of arm" minus the quotes and run your search.

When I did it right now, I found images of Rogers coats of arms from several web sites. Now, click on some of those images and do some research. There are a lot of commercial heraldry sites there so hide your credit card if you are not prepared to spend a few bucks.

You can also substitute the phrase "coat of arms" with "family crest" and do another search. Family crest works well also as the phrases are interchangeable for most people.

Here's a few other phrases you can try, after you try the first two that I mentioned.

If your name is Spanish, substitute "escudo" or "heraldaria" for "coat of arms" or "family crest".

If the name is Polish, try "herby", "herb", "herbu" or "herbarz".

For a German name try "wappen", "familienwappen", "blasonierung", "heraldik" or "wappenschablonen".

If the name comes form Denmark, try "familievaben".

For France, try "armoiries".

For the Netherlands, try "wapen", "wapenschid", "heraldiek", or "familiewapen".

For Sweden, try "slaktvapen" or "heraldik".

You can also use these same methods using the regular Google search.

Happy hunting.